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How to Recycle your Monarch Butterfly Eclipse Glasses

How to Recycle your Monarch Butterfly Eclipse Glasses

Have you been wondering about what you might do with your glasses after the eclipse? We are excited to share some options for reuse and recycling!

RE-USE: Did you know that there will be three more partial eclipses in Ontario over the next few years? If you enjoyed this viewing, you may want to keep your glasses for March 29th 2025 (0-50% coverage), August 12th 2026 (0-20% coverage) and/or January 14th 2029 (50-70% coverage).

Suggestion: Protect your glasses during storage by keeping them in toilet paper rolls

RECYCLE: We have partnered with BurlingtonGreen and the Burlington Centre to introduce a Terracycle bin, making recycling your glasses as easy as possible.

Option 1: You can drop off your glasses during business hours at the Zero Waste zone inside of Burlington Centre, located just outside of Conspiracy Comics, Bentley and the Fido booth.

Option 2: Are you going to be heading down to Burlington Beach to watch the eclipse on April 8th? BurlingtonGreen team members will be there to collect glasses for recycling at their beach headquarters located at the historic pump house ( (1094 Lakeshore rd).

Option 3: If you do not plan on keeping your glasses and are not able to drop them off at the Burlington Centre or BurlingtonGreen’s headquarters at the beach for recycling, we ask that you please dis-assemble the glasses, place the lenses in the garbage and place the cardboard frames in your recycling bin.

We would like to offer our gratitude to Burlington Centre and Burlington Green for helping to provide these recycling options.